After 6 years experience in relocation, I wanted to take my expertise to the next level. Relocation agencies are the beginning of your new move to Denmark, but then what? What about schools, online banking, transportation systems, and everyday needs? How do you start the best phone plan? Who to call for plumbing services? And what about that dry cleaning? 

That’s why I started Homestead – welcoming new working professionals and their families to Denmark, introducing them to their community and local businesses, so they can settle in as quickly and as smoothly as possible. 

As we say in Denmark, “Vi ses!”

    • Offering affordable “in house” consultations for International employees new in Denmark.
    • Customized, personal consultations focusing on the individual assignment types (ie. Short-term or long-term)
    • Personal, friendly assistance helping you get your feet planted.


Fruebjergvej 3,
2100 Copenhagen Ø


+45 42730408