Local Experts Helping Global Citizens

Providing both companies and individuals with relocation and transition into and out of Denmark. Services, programs and events all geared to provide international hires with a smooth relocation.


Glocals, expats, repats and Danes have joined forces to create the first local headquarters for international foreign hires new to Denmark.

Located in Copenhagen, International Headquarters is a colorful collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs. We share a working environment, combine our expertise, knowledge and networks to provide a more human approach to relocation and transition.

“We bring the ‘human’ back into mobility by focusing on the holistic side of relocation and transition”


  • Jannie talks about geographical and professional transitions

    Jannie Aasted, DK Member

    “In my opinion, the most important feature of here we are global is its focus on making transitions a smooth and productive experience where members can stay connected, active, and engaged. Jannie talks about both geographical and professional transitions. ”

  • Skyler’s knowledge of the options available at further education institutions…seems virtually encyclopedic

    S.C., Class of 2020 Parent
    (student matriculating, Imperial College London, UK)

    “Skyler’s knowledge of the options available at further education institutions around the world seems virtually encyclopedic and we were always confident that she would have the answers to our questions about the most suitable locations and courses to consider.”

  • Such a wonderful experience!

    Tracee Upshaw- American Expat in Denmark.

    “Working with Laura from Homestead Denmark was such a wonderful experience! Laura is extremely helpful and patient. She held my hand through the entire relocation process to make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend her and her company’s services.”

  • I truly felt like our kitties were in good hands with The Pet-agrees!

    Tone Andrewes

    “It is obvious that Tarek has a great love for animals, and we will be retaining his services again 🙂 Knowing that The Pet-agrees is there for our kitties while we are traveling, makes us have more peace of mind, and makes our travels more enjoyable. Thank you, The Pet-agrees! :)”

  • DANISH FOR YOU is an extremely good Danish course.

    Rodrigo Batista Pereira, Engineering Manager, Novo Nordisk Engineering (NNE)

    “DANISH FOR YOU is an extremely good Danish course. Malene and Karen are very skilled and I could see my progress growing after each class. Furthermore, for those people who have a busy life, the online class is the solution. They are very productive, dynamic and practical, since we can have classes from home.”


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